14 percent of all of the respondents stated that its basic sexual activity was actually coerced (not revealed)

14 percent of all of the respondents stated that its basic sexual activity was actually coerced (not revealed)

Our first research society consisted of all of the sexually experienced women who was in fact aged 15-19 at the time of the brand new 2001-2002 questionnaire, had been subscribed to the brand new security program before bullet, ‡ and you may considering information on their first sexual activity. This type of choices criteria produced an example out-of 575 women.

Mathematical Studies

I put Pearson chi-rectangular screening to assess tall differences in the fresh new frequency from reproductive health effects among ladies who advertised coerced basic gender and among those who did not. I made use of multivariate logistic regressions, stratified by the marital standing, to check associations between coerced very first sex and you can dichotomous details customized determine reproductive health behaviors and you can effects: current the means to access progressive contraception actions, § condom use for once gender, consistent condom fool around with along with couples over the past six months, reporting no less than one most recent vaginal tract periods and you may, certainly one of ever before-pregnant women, revealing the current or current maternity because unintended (i.elizabeth., mistimed or undesirable). Next group properties was basically provided because the categorical parameters in most adjusted regression designs: academic peak (fewer than five years of schooling, 5-7 years and you will seven or higher decades), many years initially gender (younger than 14, 14-fifteen and you will sixteen or elderly), spiritual affiliation (Catholic, Muslim or other) and you may current relationship status (relationships is actually identified as either courtroom otherwise consensual union). Brand new mathematical package regarding STATA 8.step one was used for everyone analyses. 25


Overall, 19% of young women had had under 5 years, 49% had had 5-7 age and you may 33% got had eight or higher many years of schooling. Nineteen percent stated that these were however probably university; for this reason, quantities of studies at some point achieved will tend to be a little higher than the account reported on the survey. Around three when you look at the four players was in fact Catholic, one out of four was indeed Muslim https://www.datingrating.net/tr/heteroseksuel-tarihleme, plus the remainder said almost every other spiritual associations. Contained in this society regarding sexually educated young women, 13% asserted that they’d basic had gender before the age of fourteen, 46% at decades 14 otherwise 15, and you can 41% during the decades sixteen or elderly. During the time they were questioned, 52% of females was basically married, 44% have been never ever-hitched and you will cuatro% were in past times, yet not already, partnered.

Frequency out-of Coerced Earliest Gender

The likelihood of an effective respondent’s first sex being coerced was firmly on the age where it taken place: Regardless if twenty-six% of young women who’d basic had sex after they was indeed more youthful than just fourteen described one feel given that coerced, that it ratio decrease to help you fifteen% certainly one of respondents whoever decades to start with intercourse try fourteen otherwise 15, and to ten% one particular who’d basic had sex at ages sixteen or older. Differences among the around three subgroups have been statistically significant.

Contour 1 suggests brand new connection between young ladies records from coerced first gender and you may connection with sexual coercion within the last a dozen months. Respondents exactly who reported that their first gender was actually coerced was indeed way more probably than those which don’t to report that they had experienced recent coercion (36% against. 11%). As this variation could be attributable partly to help you circumstances from inside the and this respondents’ first and most recent couples was basically a similar person, we next stratified women from the their advertised cumulative number of people. One of respondents which said with got one companion-and whoever current lover is actually therefore presumably along with the very first partner-men and women whoever basic gender ended up being coerced was a great deal more almost certainly to report previous coercion compared to those whoever first sex had not already been pressed (43% versus. 7%). Actually among women that stated a couple of cumulative couples-whose very first and more than latest lovers had been most likely additional**-the ratio sense current coercion was significantly high one particular whom reported coerced basic sex than just some of those exactly who don’t (33% against. 15%); this means that that ladies whose basic sex is coerced may be prone to went on sexual coercion, even within this after that partnerships.

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